3 Impactful Streetwear Trends

3 Impactful Streetwear Trends

27 July 2021
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Streetwear style has been around for almost half a century now, and if current trends are anything to go by, the future looks even brighter for streetwear enthusiasts. Unlike in the past, when streetwear was considered a style for unruly youth, anyone can pull the look today. It has been made possible by the ease with which successful streetwear brands have accepted the change and leveraged it. This article highlights some of the most impactful trends in streetwear fashion.  

Gender-Fluid Streetwear 

Today, the lines between men's and women's fashion are increasingly getting blurred. It can be attributed to the rise of consumers who believe that the classification of clothing neglects a crucial part of the market. Such customers do not identify as either male or female; hence, they want gender-neutral streetwear clothing. The trend has had a tremendous impact on the industry, with renowned streetwear brands embracing gender-fluid clothing. For example, popular brands are doing all they can to disregard traditional gender constructs by producing gender-inclusive clothing. Today, unisex clothes range from basic T-shirts, jackets, dresses and even shoes as brands try to meet the increasing demand for the unisex streetwear style. In fact, brands focusing on gender-fluid streetwear now will be ahead of the curve in a few years.  

Toddler Streetwear 

Another trend taking the streetwear world by storm is the toddler market. Unfortunately, parents who appreciate streetwear fashion have struggled to find clothing that gives their toddler's the same look. Consequently, it has become apparent to brands that the modern toddler needs to be streetwear savvy. For instance, some kids' apparel brands have taken note of the trend and are taking it a step further by producing streetwear-themed pacifiers and bottles. This way, your toddler can still suckle on their pacifier and still rock the same streetwear outfit as you.

Luxury Streetwear 

Although the streetwear subculture has been around for a long time, social media and the rise of wealthy millennials have created a new trend: luxury streetwear. An excellent example of luxury streetwear is athleisure, which is transforming athletic wear into classy everyday clothing. Brands continue to leverage social media platforms and popular influencers to push luxury streetwear sales. Although luxury streetwear consumers are a niche group, the cohort carries a lot of influence in the fashion industry, which brands cannot afford to ignore.

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