Key Elements to Look for in an Online Kit Building Tool

Key Elements to Look for in an Online Kit Building Tool

30 July 2021
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An online kit builder is a powerful tool for any professional sports kit manufacturers. Notably, sports teams, whether in schools, colleges, corporate organisations, or even the local churches, want kits that fit well and look good. Of course, it is only possible if an entire team is involved every step of the way. However, it can be challenging if a team must hire an independent designer because of cost implications. Nonetheless, some sports kit manufacturers provide online kit building tools to facilitate the design process for customers. This article highlights vital elements to look for in an online kit building tool.

Size Guide

Bespoke kits can only be referred to as such if they fit each team member. Therefore, you are required to take each team member's measurements and submit them to a manufacturer via an online kit building tool. However, you must understand that some jersey manufacturers use the metric system in their measurements while others use the imperial system. Thus, it is essential to understand your preferred manufacturer's measurement system to avoid confusion and prolonged production time. In this regard, ensure that an online kit-building tool features a size guide to facilitate the interpretation of measurements. Most importantly, the guide helps customers submit kit measurements in a standardised format.

Pre-Designed Kit Images

Indeed, bespoke kits are designed and produced based on the unique physical attributes of team members. However, designing a kit can be pretty challenging, especially if you have never done it before and must start from scratch. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is better to work with an online kit builder offering pre-designed kit images. You can draw inspiration from pre-designed kits and include unique elements in your design. Overall, pre-designed kit images offer a starting point for team members to brainstorm.

Design Guide

As mentioned earlier, designing bespoke jerseys is difficult for any first-timer. However, it becomes manageable if a kit manufacturer is also involved in the design stage. A design guide works for a kit manufacturer and assists customers in bringing their designs to life. After contacting a kit manufacturer, a client is assigned a design guide to help them generate detailed visuals of selected designs. Throughout the design process, clients upload working designs for fine-tuning by the designer. The best part is that a design guide continues working with a customer until the final prototype is achieved.

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