Three Important Guidelines for Ordering Custom Beach Hoodies

Three Important Guidelines for Ordering Custom Beach Hoodies

25 May 2022
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If you are looking for a creative way to promote your brand and improve customer attraction, think about investing in custom beach hoodies. These pieces of clothing are comfortable and popular, so you will get attention as more people wear them. Beach hoodies are also perfect gifts for employees, friends and family members. Additionally, you can choose to outfit a community, school or work sports team with the custom wear for increased visibility. Regardless of your goals, here are some essential tips to remember when purchasing custom beach hoodies.  

Consider the Sizing Beach hoodie sizing can be complicated, and a lack of understanding could lead to a wastage of money. Therefore, you should discuss the sizing options with your supplier to avoid unsuitable choices. Where possible, ask for an outline of the sizes in different formats for complete comprehension. In many cases, beach hoodie sizes are similar to t-shirt sizes. Still, it is advisable to check out an actual product from the vendor before making your choices. Also, keep in mind that women's and men's cuts are available. Factor this issue when ordering the clothing.

Evaluate the Colours The colour choices for beach hoodies are wide and varied. Moreover, these pieces of clothing are designed to be bright and vibrant. Therefore, do not limit your selection to neutral or bland colours. Where possible, opt for contrasting colours, especially if you are using the hoodies as part of a marketing campaign. The juxtaposition of different hues will ensure maximum visibility and memorability by potential customers. You should also think about using your brand colours instead of random hues. This consideration could improve product association with the hoodies among the public.

Compare the Designs You should inquire about the designs available for beach hoodies from your supplier. The most common styles are pullover and zip-up styles, and they both have benefits and drawbacks. The pullover design does not have an opening or disruptive stitching. Therefore, the front and back areas are perfect for writing a branding message or displaying images. The zip-up alternative opens in the front, and this appearance limits the usability of this portion for marketing. However, many people prefer this hoodie design because it gives more options for comfort. If you would like to use this beach hoodie style, ensure that the branding is well-organised for maximum visibility. Finally, consider the breathability of the fabric before making your order. Avoid overly heavy fabrics that trap heat and opt for comfortable materials like cotton or polyester. 

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